Advance Planning For A Bathroom Makeover To Prevent From Having Mistakes

By Coy Patrick

Many people have eventually come to the point where they cannot stand their rest room anymore and so comes the feared rest room makeover. Not only is the refresh a little scary due to all the work that is concerned, but also there's generally a lot of money that gets spent. The thing is though ; you can really cut down on the expense and the work with enough careful planning.

Write out all of your plans and decorating concepts, before you just start ripping out the walls or plumbing. This will serve as your guide in order to make certain that you are staying on track. You will want to avoid some common lavatory make-over mistakes. So long as you know what these things are and do your utmost to not make these mistakes, the whole experience should be a pleasant one.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they take their crowded loo and make it even more crowded. Setting a wall further back may inspire you to install many things you do not even need or can afford. Avoid this enticement. To avoid this, you want to make a list of all of the things you would like out of your bathroom make-over and number them apropos seriousness. If you run out of room, simply cut off the bottom half of your must have list.

Changing their mind is a typical mistake of homeowners in a lavatory makeover. Plan your rest room details ahead of time. This includes everything from the colour of the tile floor to the colour of the walls. After you address and make a choice on your rest room decorating ideas, you want to leave them be. Changing your decision half-way thru only wastes your time and your money.

Consider the lighting while planning your lavatory make-over. Picking the best lighting is more than simply ensuring that it looks good but rather that it is going to be functional also. Watertight lighting fixtures for the showers are perfect, while you also need to offer you and your family with the right amount of lighting for private grooming.

From the beginning to the finish of your toilet make-over, you need to stick to your intention while making educated calls. If you do you may enjoy your new toilet makeover excitement. Just make sure that you are steering clear of the most common mistakes and you will be fine. - 30291

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How To Have A Powerful Plus Size Appearance

By Erika Chloe

I love fashion, but I have to be honest. I don't like the title of "real women" consistently being associated with plus size women. If you are a woman and you are alive, you are a REAL WOMAN. Size should not be an assumption of "realness".

Nor should it be inferred that all plus size woman are unhealthy. Women who wear size 14 and above like to be fashionable and healthy. We don't have to starve ourselves to fit into a certain image of what women are "supposed" to look like. Nor do we have to hide and sit back on the sidelines waiting for life to happen.

However, being fashionable as a plus size woman can certainly be a challenge. I should know, I wear a size 18! Routinely, we are forced to wear what looks like oversized table clothes or draperies made out of the most horrific fabrics ever!

Or in many cases our choices are limited to simple trousers and matronly blouses that have a tendency to age us. I am here to tell you we don't have to dress like our grandmothers ANYMORE!!

With that said, stores like Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart and the Avenue, are paying closer attention to the fashion needs of women who are size 14 and above. In addition online stores like Torrid, Carmakoma and Faith21 (a plus size line offered by Forever 21), are catering to plus size women that dress with a more contemporary, trendy and youthful edge. Not to mention, lines created by MonifC, IGIGI and Kiyonna offer more sophisticated looks that can work for every plus size fashionista.

While it is has always been my theory that just because they make it in your size, does not mean you can/should wear it, I believe there are some Fall trends the over size 14 fashionista can wear right now: Boyfriend jeans - check Tuxedo jackets - check Jumpsuits - double check (I have 2!!!) Leggings - check (just make sure they are made in cotton/spandex and are opaque) I personally like the ones from Bold/Vibrant colors - always a check One shoulder dresses - check (Especially with a dramatic kimono sleeve, LOVES IT!) Capelets - hmmm well, just make sure the proportions are correct for your shape, as you don't want to look like you're wearing a tent! (so NOT cute) Harem pants - definite check, again just pay attention to proportion

Plus size women deserve the chance to look good. Personally I think it's exciting and refreshing that mainstream media and fashion outlets are taking notice of plus size women. Can we say BRAVO to Glamour for photographing and interviewing plus size models for a change! And WELL DONE to Marie Claire for granting a plus size stylist an opportunity to share her views!! I think it's amazing that iconic designers like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan are offering more fashion forward looks for plus size women. It is my hope that more contemporary designers will follow suit. We have the platform to reinvent the way women over size 0 are perceived in the world of fashion so I encourage more independent designers to stand up and take notice!

We are encouraged to embrace and celebrate our curves (aka boobs, hips and derrieres!) and we are ready to be dressed! - 30291

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A Makeover for the Manhattan Male

By Erika Chloe

When a man is sure that his Armani suite takes the room by storm or that his Sean John scent is so seductive, it makes the women roar and his smile is so stunning the eyes can't despair. There is a certain point in a man's life when his image and style may need a little adjustment; it takes a real man to admit it and fix it. The New York men's makeover is not all about the outside; it is the inner core that makes the garments look better. If the world can't see how great of a person you are from the inside then, the outside really doesn't matter.

A New York fashion consultant can enhance the inner man as well as the outer man by getting to know four W's including: who, what, when and why. Who is he to himself and his peers? What does his image communicate to others? What is his focus and goals? What is the reason for the image enhancement? When did he feel it was time for a change? Why now? These important questions will help the fashion consultant make him look and feel better about the man he is destine to be.

Individual style is how you can separate the boys from the men. A man's personal style, regardless if he has no style at all, will be incorporate into the new man a fashion consultant will create. A man's favorite color, the way he likes his jeans to lay, a man's favorite actor and how he secretly wants to dress like him is one of the beginning processes into creating a new image and how he wants the world to see him. A New York fashion consultant helps men determine what type of image to project to other people. How he values himself by the colors he chooses and the brands he likes, the way he acts in the garments can show how he feels that day. An image consultant focuses on giving the New York man options. If he is busy business man and is on the go constantly, he needs clothes to accommodate that life as well as his social circles and vacation clothes and clothes he would wear on a first date in order to make a good impression. The New York man has several lives; an image consultant can help enhance them.

Fashion consultants are informative about men's sportswear, formal and urban wear in order to create a variety of different looks to cater to different personalities and lifestyles. By enhancing a New York mans image, it can alter his personality and self confidence while also bringing out the best in hi. His whole entire mood changes because he feels good about his self and how he looks. He is not vain, he is confident. He is not conceited he is humble. The New York man's makeover consist of highly professional stylists and fashion consultants that know how to bring out that X-factor in order for him to get that job or get that love interest or get that promotion; along with great tips on how a man can improve his look, he will be building confidence and courage. That is something you can't purchase in stores.

A fashion consultant also teaches the New York man how to shop by knowing what timeless items to get and knowing when to take advantage of a great sale at Neiman Marcus over H&M. This will help him expand his closet. H&M will always have great bargains but, you have to catch Saks fifth and Neiman's at a good time for great clothes at a great price. All men know that you can never have enough underwear, socks and original tee's but, that also applies with gray, black, navy tailored pants, relaxed jeans, dressed to casual shoes and great button-up shirts that can create hundreds of outfits with the pieces you already own. A New York Fashion Consultant helps people get the right items that will help their pockets, enhance their style and expand their closet and match new pieces with pieces they already own. - 30291

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How to Create A Perfect Professional Appearance

By Erika Chloe

When a garment fits you perfectly it looks like a million bucks. It's not what you wear but how you wear it! When you appear attractively dressed, you send a positive powerful personal and professional image. For men the most important item to appear well dressed is the business suit. How do you know when you have a perfectly fitted suit? What should you look for? In order to ensure a suit fits you properly, you should make sure that it makes the proper fit guidelines. A great fitting suit is priceless, so cost doesn't matter but size does!

When you find a nice suit make sure the jacket fits you properly. It is difficult to make adjustments to an "off the rack" suit jacket if it doesn't fit your torso properly. Start with yoke on the suit jacket. The yoke measurement is the space from shoulder to shoulder. There is a seam where the arms are attached to the jacket. This should fall right on the ball of your shoulder bone in order to ensure a perfect fit. If the jacket yoke is too wide, the shoulder pads will stick out and create an oversized look. If the yoke measurement is too small, the jacket will not fit into the arm area properly causing an uncomfortable situation when you try to move your arms. A tailor cannot adjust the yoke measurement on a read made jacket, so make sure it is right before you commit to buy.

The next most important thing to look for in a great suit jacket is the overall width of the jacket. You want to be sure that the jacket is the appropriate length. If it too short, there is no way to add additional length. Make sure the back end comes just below the seat area. The front of the jacket should cover half of the inseam on your suit pants.

Also be sure that the arm length is correct. Sometimes if the arms are " too short, there may be some additional fabric on the sleeve seam that a tailor can "take out". Be sure to check first. The arm length should come to the very end of wrist bone plus an additional ". If the arm is too long, you shouldn't worry. It can be altered to the correct length. When checking the arm length on long sleeves, make sure that the buttons on the sleeve won't interfere with shortening the length. Most "off the rack" jackets have plastic buttons on the sleeve. In most cases a tailor can remove the first button in order to shorten the jacket arm to the right length. Just make sure to ask them to do so if needed.

The chest and waist of your suit jacket should not hug your body but allow you to move comfortably when the jacket is buttoned. Avoid too much fabric; you will look like a flying squirrel. If the chest and wait are too large the jacket will look frumpy and cheap. You are likely to look like you are playing dress up in a larger mans clothing. Make sure it fits well! A good tailor can adjust the waist and chest, but anything more than a few inches is likely to come out butchered and won't match the width of the biceps and forearms. The bicep area on a suit jacket should fit your arm comfortably. If there is too much fabric your jacket will not look firm and fitted next the lapel.

Next you want check the back of the jacket. Look at what type of vents are provided i.e. single vent, no vent, or a double vent. Double vents will make the seat of your jacket very loose and is usually recommended for a heavy set man. A single vent is appropriate for the average body type and will allow enough movement to sit down or fit your seat when your jacket is buttoned. It is rare to find a suit jacket without a vent and you should probably avoid this unless you are rail thin or a very lean man. You will also need to consider the amount of buttons that are on the front of the jacket. A larger size man will need 3 buttons where as a smaller size man will only need 2 buttons. Sometimes one button is acceptable for a man with a leaner torso.

Suit Pants - the most important details that contributes to great fitting pants is the inseam. If your inseam is too short you will know when your pants ride up your crotch or backside. If it's too long, your crotch and seat will be sagging which is never a good look. Check pants length and thigh measurement to make sure there is not a lot of excess fabric. When checking the pant length, make sure you have your shoes on. The waist is not such a big issue as it can be adjusted.

In every corporate office, there is that one guy who stands out because he dresses better than the rest. Every office has one -- he's the guy that looks polished from head to toe, with his designer shoes, stylish tailored suit, and perfectly centered, knotted tie. He might wear a slightly more expensive necktie or suit, but that's not why he looks better than everyone else's. It's because he knows how to put it on properly and takes the necessary time to adjust it and make it look perfect. - 30291

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Why Is Professional Appearance Important?

By Erika Chloe

When you appear well dressed, you send a positive and powerful professional image. When a garment fits you perfectly it looks like a million bucks. Appearance is not about what you wear, but how you wear it! How do you know when you have a perfectly fitted suit?

For men, the most important item to appear well dressed is the business suit. So what should you look for in a great suit? In order to ensure a suit fits you properly, you should make sure that it makes the proper fit guidelines. When a suit fits you properly, nobody will ever notice how much you paid for it. A great fitting suit is priceless, so cost doesn't matter but size does!

It is difficult to make adjustments to an "off the rack" suit jacket if it doesn't fit your torso properly. The pants are not as important because they can always be altered. When you find a nice suit make sure the jacket fits you correctly in all the right places.

Start with yoke on the suit jacket. The yoke measurement is the distance from the left shoulder to the right shoulder. The yoke, it fitted correctly, will fall right on the ball of your shoulder bone. If the yoke measurement is to long, the shoulder pads will not fit the shoulder properly and your jacket will look frumpy and oversized. Keep in mind that even the best tailor can't adjust an oversized yoke.

The next most important thing to look for in a great suit jacket is the length. If your suit jacket is too short then no need to even go any further and just return it to the rack. In order to test the length, make sure the back comes just below the seat of your pants.

The front of the jacket should cover half of the inseam on your suit pants. The waist and chest of your jacket should fit comfortably but not allow a lot of excess fabric. If the chest and wait are too wide for your body, the jacket will look cheap. Make sure it fits well! A good tailor can adjust the waist and chest, but anything more than a few inches is likely to come out butchered and won't match the width of the biceps and forearms. The bicep area on a suit jacket should fit your arm comfortably. If there is too much fabric your jacket will not look firm and fitted next the lapel. - 30291

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Women's Denim Guide - Fashion Consulting

By Erika Chloe

When it comes to fashion, I am the hardest person to shop for. Being a fashion consultant and a fashion designer, I am often disappointed with the clothing options available in retail stores (unless their mine, of course). I often struggle when shopping for pants. I dont have many curves, so it is crucial to emphasize the ones I do have. Fitted pants are a great way to accent my hips but I am only 5'6".

I know when wearing a slimming style, I will need a lengthy heel to elongate my legs and balance my frame. Any woman knows the price you pay for wearing 3 heels, so when I need to give my feet a day off, I go for a wide legged pant. This is great because I can wear a fitted top and accent my top curves (chest) while wearing a comfortable shoe or boot. Wide leg pants are great for pretty much every body type when paired with the right style top! Personal style is clearly not universal, but certain wardrobe items are.

Jeans have become the main item for both male and female wardrobes. It is the denim centerpiece which we build the rest of our outfit around. Ten years ago, it was once unheard of to wear denim to a formal event, whereas these days, you are more likely to see people dressed up in a crisp pair of skinny, boot cut, straight leg, or wide legged jeans. With so many different denim options to choose from, sometimes it is hard to find an affordable pair that will flatter your figure!

It can be harder for women to find a pair of a jeans that fit them, are affordable, and flatter their assets! A great pair of jeans can easily be found with anot so great price tag. With so many options to choose from, spending $300 on a pair of jeans seems senseless! Many stores like JCPenny and Target cater to the less frivolous shopper. They provide affordable designer jeans at a fraction of the cost. With limitless styles including: cut, color, and name brands, you are sure to find the perfect pair of jeans! Below is a cheat sheet to get you started? Denim guide:

NO MUFFIN TOPS. If you turn into a muffin top when you put them on, put the jeans back. NOW and go up sizes until the effect goes away. Its not the size of the pant that matters, it is the fit! Theres nothing worse than having a ring around the waist effect. It's bad on your skin and cuts off circulation!

NEVER BUY TAPERED JEANS OR MOM JEANS AGAIN, EVER. Especially Mom jeans... they make your private part look like it's the size of the Holland Tunnel. Lee brand is notorious for this out of date style. These pants usually come up to your belly button and well lets just say it is not a flattering look for anyone!

BUY THE CORRECT INSEAM. Jeans should ride all the way down to an inch above the floor, or to the bottom of your heel without shoes on. If you're walking on fabric... the inseam is too long. If we can see socks when you are standing, they are too short and sometimes referred to as, "high-waters". For style reasons, some women's jeans are cut at Capri-length... that's an exception to this rule. When wearing a heel, the entire should not show! Only of the heel on your shoe should show!

CHECK THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU BUY. Girls... the jeans need to NEED to fit your thighs. If you have thick legs, or J-Lo thighs... get the jeans that don't violate rule #1 and make sure they are not tight around the thighs. Girls usually violate this rule and try to get ass/thigh-huggers which cause their shape to deform. Check the mirror before you buy. Your jeans should always fit the widest part of your body first and foremost! No acceptations. Other areas like length and waist can be altered for $5.00

Rules 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be followed until you are 6 feet in the grave. - 30291

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What Does Your Appearance Say About You?

By Erika Chloe

What does Your Image Say about you?

Your image speaks a universal language understood by everyone you interact with. When meeting a new person, you can't help but notice their appearance and how they are put together from head to toe. Nothing is overlooked, and you find yourself sizing them up based on the image they project. What does your image say about you? What statement does you image make to other people? Naturally people want to categorize one another in order to understand and relate to them better. When a fashion consultant or image consultant meets people, their analysis goes deeper than surface level communication and projected appearance. They may be thinking - this woman would look amazing if her dress were a size bigger or this guy's whole outfit looks great, if only I could pick out some new shoes and a tie for him! A fashion consultant or image consultant specializes in styling individuals in all areas of fashion and self presentation. They are meticulous in the way they present themselves and help others to be the same. It is overwhelming for a fashion consultant to walk down the street because they contemplate every outfit they see to determine what could be done differently. They are not judging the individual but the clothing choices they have made and how it affects their body and image. People naturally notice your clothing selections and how your project yourself. Whether personally or professionally, your image should make a clear statement that supports your goals, personality and lifestyle.

The key to being a fashion consultant is to see past what people are wearing and have an in-depth understanding of their personalities. A fashion consultant or image consultant should also understand the personal and professional goals of any individual client so that they can formulate a positive image to help them achieve their goals. Although image has a lot to do with fashionable choices, it is more important that your garments fit perfectly, both physically and metaphysically. People should project themselves in a way that is comfortable and never adhere to a look just because it's trendy! Your garments should flatter your individual body shape and flatter your figure. An image consultant can help you understand your body structure and teach you how to use certain garments to alter your appearance. Let's face it; we are never happy with what we have and always looking for ways to change. Change is good, and can be a powerful tool in how we present ourselves.

There is no doubt that shopping can be frustrating. A fashion consultant knows how to navigate stores and brands in order to find the right styles for their clients. They are informative about textures, textiles, color, style, drape, and overall fit. This helps in deciding what brands cater to your individual style and shape. Sometimes people struggle with finding garments that have the right measurements and cuts. Tall people struggle with length issues while plus sizes may struggle with finding stylish garments. Knowing where to go to shop takes the frustration out of walking in and out of over a dozen of stores. Your image should always include well fitted and flattering clothing choices suitable for your individual needs.

When you meet a business acquaintance or new client, think about what your clothing, hairstyle and make up say about you? Whether you are changing careers, job hunting, or just want to maintain a current look; your overall appearance speaks volumes even when no words have been said. Think about what image you are projecting to your peers, family, friends or the outside world. An image consultant or fashion consultant helps individuals project a positive image that will help you achieve your goals. They provide wardrobe consultations, image consultations, grooming tips, fashion advice, beauty tips, personal shopping and etiquette seminars. Each consultation is customized for the individual client and helps them regain a proper image according to their lifestyle, personality and social activities. The image consultant will determine what changes need to be made in order to successfully implement your new image into your lifestyle. This will allow you to knock the socks off your prospective and existing clients or just provide you with a much needed style upgrade. An image consultant or fashion consultant will recommending clothing brands, and stores suited to your budget and personal preferences. Even subtle changes such as buying a suit in an updated silhouette such as a pencil skirt with a shorter fitted jacket and updated shoes can make a huge impact. The fashion or image consultant acts as your personal shopper and will accompany you on shopping expeditions and suggest updated styles that suit your body type and skin tone.

Another convenient service the consultant provides is to take pictures of your new wardrobe with all of the different outfits put together for you. This is a great tool to manage your new wardrobe and current wardrobe. The look book and photos quickly alleviates any guess work you may have about combining outfits. It helps you to save time and allows you to learn about what style are best matched together. An image consultant or fashion consultant will also go through your closet to recommend what existing clothes can be given up, updated or slightly redesigned to become more exciting. Sometimes outdates garments just needs a simple nip and tuck to update the style and look. Next the consultant will introduce you to trained hair, skin and makeup professionals who will give you advice, for skin improvement. You can then choose the select services you need. You will see your image come together as your wardrobe hair and makeup come together. Your fashion or image consultant help you change manage and maintain your total professional and social image to keep your competitive edge. - 30291

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